Dicecord Vampire – Project Update 1

It’s been a while since my last weekly update! After getting Mage finished in Dicecord I decided to take a short break but this week I jumped back on the project. The first issue I had to decide was which game line to add and by the title you may have guessed that I chose Vampire. Specifically Vampire: the Requiem 2e. I chose this mainly because it was one of the more similar of the currently published 2e gamelines. While I work on this addition you can find the new code in the Vampire branch of the Dicecord github.

For this week I took it a bit easy and just set the foundations for the addition of vampire. I added a Vampire specific trello board that lists the features I need to add. The sheet is quite similar to the mage sheet, but the main difference is the morality stat which is displayed vertically.

In temrs of coding, I created a new vampireUI.py object and copied in the mage character sheet. I removed mage unique objects and changed labels where appropriate. Currently I can display a placeholder sheet missing a few key features.

With all that prepwork complete, here is my plan for next week:

  • Create the vertical morality widget as an object in basicUI.py. Use it to add humanity to vampireUI.py.
  • Make the merit object in basicUI.py more generic and use that for adding disciplines to vampireUI.py.
  • Create a copy of the mana widget in mageUI.py and make something suitable for showing Vampire vitae count.
  • If time, look into changing how merits are stored in the stats object so the rating + tooltip are in the same dict.
  • If time, edit the save and read XML methods to take into account these new stats/merit changes.
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