Adding Features to Dicecord Discord

I’ve spruced Dicecord’s discord server up with a few features using webhooks and the IFTTT automation service. The discord will be updated when I push new commits to github and when I post new blog posts here. I’ve decided to write up how I achieved this so anyone interested can give it a try on their own servers.

Github Notifications

This one was remarkably easy to add to a channel! There may be some bots or integrations that promise they add this, but that is overkill. All you need to do is use dicecord webhooks! In fact, I don’t even need to write a guide for this because the official Discord webhook guide uses github updates as its sample webhook!

I’ve set mine up to notify of pushes and issues to their respective channels.

Blog post updates

This one took a little bit more doing than the github one. After some google-fu I saw a recommendation to use a service called If This, Then That. This is something I played around with in the past that offers a very simple way to set up automation between various services.

While IFTT does have an official wordpress service I couldn’t actually get it to work. Whenever I tried to login it just failed without showing any error message. So, instead I’m using the RSS feed service to check this blog’s RSS feed for new entries. For the output I set a “Make Web Request” service that used a Discord webhook. I set the method to POST, the Content Type to “application/json” and the body to {"content": " <<<{{EntryTitle}}>>> <<<{{EntryUrl}}>>>"}.

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