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ELI5 Tutorial: Python *args and **kwargs

In the past my quick tutorials are mainly focused on advanced or weird issues that I had trouble figuring out on my own. I’ve decided to shake that up a bit and do a new tutorial series: ELI5 Tutorials. For … Continue reading

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Dicecord on Discord

I figured that it was about time to make a Dicecord server on Discord. You can join it here. Currently it is very barebones, just some basic channels with a dedicated channel for dicerolling via the bot.

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Quick Tutorial: Setting Custom Resolutions on Ubuntu

I have decided to get to grips with linux by installing Ubuntu on a VM on my machine using VirtualBox. Setting up VirtualBox was pretty straight forward, but I had a minor issue I needed to solve. You see, since … Continue reading

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4 Tips For Making Your Application Stand Out

“How do I write a good application?” That’s a question I get asked a lot. A big reason for this I think is that it is very hard to get feedback for applications a lot of the time – be … Continue reading

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Actual Play: No Humans Here – Session 2

I have recently began playing my first D&D game! While I’ve been RPing for years I never managed to try it out, but after watching some Critical Role I decided to give it a go. The campaign is something I play with coworkers every two weeks and we are starting out with a published adventure “The Lost Mines of Phandelver” to bring us to level 5. I joined late so I don’t have an actual play ready for the first session but starting from session 2 should be okay! Continue reading

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Quick Tutorial: PyQt 5 Browser

Dear Future Googler, If you are reading this you’re probably trying to find out how to display webpages in PyQt5. I bet you’ve been finding a bunch of tutorials written for QtWebKit but can’t get them to work, right? Don’t … Continue reading

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Dicecord Chatbot Outage

The Dicecord Chatbot will be going offline on November 27th until around 8pm UTC. The desktop app will work fine in the meantime.

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Making Chat Bots Seem More Human

When I first started working on Dicecord I got a great piece of advice: “The best dicebot feels like another player at the table.” This is something I really took to heart and a trait I’ve been looking to improve … Continue reading

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Dicecord v1.11 Release

I have just uploaded Dicecord v1.11 this is mainly just bug fixes, with some placeholder code for an eventual addition of a spell casting UI. Check below for the changes. Source code can be found on github and the new … Continue reading

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Discord 1.1 Release

Today I am launching Version 1.1 of Dicecord. The most visible change people will see is the addition of Vampire: The Requiem as a supported game. In addition, there are a lot of back end changes that make the code … Continue reading

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