ELI5 Tutorial: Python *args and **kwargs

In the past my quick tutorials are mainly focused on advanced or weird issues that I had trouble figuring out on my own. I’ve decided to shake that up a bit and do a new tutorial series: ELI5 Tutorials. For these tutorials I am going to go over some more common features of python that I feel people tend to explain too abstractly for novice programmers. I’m going to start my series with something pretty simple but very unintuitive: *args and **kwargs.
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Dicecord on Discord

I figured that it was about time to make a Dicecord server on Discord. You can join it here.

Currently it is very barebones, just some basic channels with a dedicated channel for dicerolling via the bot.

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Quick Tutorial: Setting Custom Resolutions on Ubuntu

I have decided to get to grips with linux by installing Ubuntu on a VM on my machine using VirtualBox. Setting up VirtualBox was pretty straight forward, but I had a minor issue I needed to solve. You see, since I was going to be mainly programming on it I wanted to give it a portrait resolution for my second monitor, but when I tried to set that up it rotated the screen 90 degrees in the VirtualBox window!

I tried looking for a way to stop it from rotating but all I found were snarky forum posts from people who didn’t seem to quite understand what the issue is. In the end, I had to figure out a way to set a custom resolution for a “landscape” mode where the width and length were appropriate for my portrait screen. Here are the step to do so.
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4 Tips For Making Your Application Stand Out

“How do I write a good application?” That’s a question I get asked a lot. A big reason for this I think is that it is very hard to get feedback for applications a lot of the time – be it for a volunteer position, scholarship or job people just tend to be told that they were not successful and are left wondering why that is. In my experience, a key part can be the essay or cover letter. These are the best opportunities for you to make yourself stand out from the crowd and can be the key to success. Today, I am gonna share my top four tips on how to make the most impact from your cover letter or essay.
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Actual Play: No Humans Here – Session 2

I have recently began playing my first D&D game! While I’ve been RPing for years I never managed to try it out, but after watching some Critical Role I redoubled my efforts and found a game. The campaign is something I play with coworkers every two weeks, we are starting out with a published adventure “The Lost Mines of Phandelver” to bring us to level 5. After that we hope to move on to a custom campaign. I joined late so the actual plays will start from Session 2.

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Quick Tutorial: PyQt 5 Browser

Dear Future Googler,

If you are reading this you’re probably trying to find out how to display webpages in PyQt5. I bet you’ve been finding a bunch of tutorials written for QtWebKit but can’t get them to work, right? Don’t worry, I was in your shoes once – I’m writing this blog to give you the help I had to give myself.

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Dicecord Chatbot Outage

The Dicecord Chatbot will be going offline on November 27th until around 8pm UTC. The desktop app will work fine in the meantime.

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Making Chat Bots Seem More Human

When I first started working on Dicecord I got a great piece of advice: “The best dicebot feels like another player at the table.” This is something I really took to heart and a trait I’ve been looking to improve on. I have been testing a new version of the dicebot for the past few weeks which adds a feature tying into this pillar. Continue reading

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Dicecord v1.11 Release

I have just uploaded Dicecord v1.11 this is mainly just bug fixes, with some placeholder code for an eventual addition of a spell casting UI. Check below for the changes. Source code can be found on github and the new version can be downloaded from the Dicecord download page.

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Discord 1.1 Release

Today I am launching Version 1.1 of Dicecord. The most visible change people will see is the addition of Vampire: The Requiem as a supported game. In addition, there are a lot of back end changes that make the code a bit more generic, allowing for the addition of extra splats far more easily.

If you have Dicecord installed already, you can update by pressing the “Check For Updates” button on the splash screen, otherwise visit the Dicecord page to download the latest version. You can view the code on github.

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