Patreon Announcement + Dicecord-CoD Prefix Update

I’m excited to announce that I am on Patreon now! If you want to support any of my current or future projects please pop by! I’m hoping I can use this to offset my Dicecord/blog hosting costs, as well as help fund some video tutorials.

In addition, I have updated Dicecord-CoD with a long awaited feature: custom prefixes. Read on for the full changelog.

Full Changelog

  • Custom Prefixes! Use prefix new_prefix to change the bot to respond to prefixes in addition to @mentions.
  • The roll one command has returned! Use roll one to roll a single 10 sided dice with no success messages or flavour.
  • Updated docs with undocumented change from last push: xagain, rote and chance commands require the roll command to also be present. For example: roll 8again 5 will roll 5 dice with 8 again.

My next plan will be to add code for the “Have an Arcane Beat” patreon reward tier – patrons will be credited in the bot’s help text.

I will also work on a new command roll pool which will allow you to enter a mathematical expression that will be calculated for your pool. For example roll pool 3 + 2 would roll 5 dice.

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