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Getting Names Of Your Patreon Patrons From The Patreon API

A common Patreon reward is to list patron names in the credits for your creations – on my patreon I have this on any tier more than €3. In order to implement this I used the patreon api python package … Continue reading

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Are your selectors not returning expected content when webscraping?

I’ve taken a shine to posting on the /r/learnpython subreddit recently and I have a noticed a trend over the last few days – quite a lot of people seem to be using the Holiday break to learn how to … Continue reading

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ELI5 Tutorial: Unit Testing with unittest

I lied in my last post. I have decided to do one more ELI5, this time for Unit Tests. I decided to do this to help my classmates – Google is running a code retreat tomorrow at my university and … Continue reading

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How To Share Songs Between Devices On Spotify

I recently started using spotify and immediately ran into a very frustrating issue – a bunch of my favourite songs were not available on the platform. While I had my own versions of these songs I needed a way to … Continue reading

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