Dicecord 1.01 Changelog

Rather than make a full project update this week I will share a changelog between the Dicecord v1.0 (soft release) and v1.01 (public release). The installer will be compiled and uploaded later, but in the meantime you can view the code on github.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error in mana calculation.
  • Fixed error in rate limit handling.

New Features

Installer Uninstall Prompt

  • If a previous version of Dicecord is present on your machine the installer will offer to uninstall it before installation.
  • Note: this won’t delete any user made character.xml files.

Splash Screen

  • The client now opens on a splash screen giving users the option to update client, create a new character or import a previously saved character.

Client Update

  • An update command can be called from the splash screen and in the main client’s help menu. This checks a file on this website for the current version and will prompt the user to visit the Dicecord page to download the newest version.

New Character Dialog

  • When making a new character a dialog will open asking you to select character type and swap any dark era skills.
  • This can also be accessed from a character sheet by selecting File -> New Character in the menu bar or pressing Ctrl + N.
  • New characters open with Edit Mode active.

Bot Personality

  • Users can edit Bot Personality by going to Options -> Personality Settings on the menu bar on character sheet.
  • Bot Personality will cause the Bot to send positive messages when exceptional successes are rolled or negative messages when no successes are rolled.
  • By default it will send positive messages for 100% of exceptional successes and negative messages for 50% of 0 success rolls.
  • Users can edit the messaging rates, along with the pool of positive and negative messages.
  • Users can use the phrase [userID] in a message to sub in their saved user ID.
  • Rates and messages are saved as part of the character.xml export.
  • If no personality data is found, it will fill in default values.


  • Players can use Help -> Instructions to get a link to the ReadMe on github.
  • The images folder contains a file called Discord Avatar.png that can be used to set the Dicecord logo as the webhook’s avatar.
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