Dicecord v1.11 Release

I have just uploaded Dicecord v1.11 this is mainly just bug fixes, with some placeholder code for an eventual addition of a spell casting UI. Check below for the changes. Source code can be found on github and the new version can be downloaded from the Dicecord download page.

Admin Mode

The main change is that client now requires Admin mode. This is to fix an issue where exported XMLs were not visible in Windows Explorer but this may mean that the XML files won’t be visible in the new version now. Before updating, try an import of your characters, right-click them and open in notepad. Using “Save As” here will allow you to save the file properly.

If you update before doing this, you can rollback by reinstalling version 1.1.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where client would crash when importing if some tooltips were blank.
  • Fixed bug where client would crash instead of error message showing for webhook connection errors.
  • Updated Defense calculation.
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