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Scraping Dynamic Websites WITHOUT Selenium

I’ve published a YouTube video to cover troubleshooting tips when dealing with dynamic websites, a topic I covered here before. Check it out below! I’ve been really enjoying making video/streaming content like this, if you want to see more of … Continue reading

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Scrapy-GUI updated to version 1.1

Scrapy-GUI updated to version 1.1. Continue reading

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Are your selectors not returning expected content when webscraping?

I’ve taken a shine to posting on the /r/learnpython subreddit recently and I have a noticed a trend over the last few days – quite a lot of people seem to be using the Holiday break to learn how to … Continue reading

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ELI5 Tutorial: Python *args and **kwargs

In the past my quick tutorials are mainly focused on advanced or weird issues that I had trouble figuring out on my own. I’ve decided to shake that up a bit and do a new tutorial series: ELI5 Tutorials. For … Continue reading

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Dicecord Chatbot Outage

The Dicecord Chatbot will be going offline on November 27th until around 8pm UTC. The desktop app will work fine in the meantime.

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