Dicecord 1.02 Now Live

Dicecord 1.02 is now live. Visit the Dicecord page to download the latest version. This is a minor update with some bug fixes, UI tweaks and some back end changes to prepare for adding Vampire: the Requiem.

You can view the code on github. Changelog is as follows.

Bug Fixes

– Fixed a bug that caused unreadable character.xml files to be exported.
– Fixed a bug that prevented Praxes pools from updating.

UI Changes

– User feedback indicated that Quiet Mode was the preferred mode of rolling. Now Quiet Mode will be the default mode for rolls.
– Quiet Mode check box has been replaced by Multiline checkbox. Users can opt-in to one by one messaging by checking this box.

Back end changes

– sheetUI.py has been replaced by mageUI.py.
– mageUI.py contains mage specific default stats, QWidget objects and the code for drawing the character sheet.
– inventoryUI.py has been replaced by mageInventory.py.
– Import and Export XML code has been split between player.py and mageUI.py where appropriate.
– Any code that is template independent has been moved to basicUI.py.
– Code has been added to check for supernatural template where appropriate.


– Upped font size on Nimbus tilt.
– Made icon a little nicer.

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